Designed To Work™

Our Story

We have been executing important, collaborative and awesome office furniture projects up and down the front range of Colorado since 1984! We also go where our clients ask us to go. We have delivered project across the United States and into Canada!

Think of us as custom furniture builders. We have a massive kit of parts and immense experience. Every project we do is custom and uniquely designed to meet our customer’s needs. We are an integral part of the project team working together to deliver the optimal workplace experience.

Our workplace strategy tool set leads the industry in correlating your culture to your space. Our change management tool set enables you to transition your team into your new space. Our Pear project team’s role is to both communicate the promise of the space, and to deliver on our promises!

It’s no longer just about furniture; It’s about what the furniture can do for you! Join us on our journey to create the future-state of work, NOW!

Our Founders

John and Della Robbins keep it fresh! Just because our founders have grown up in the office furniture industry, doesn’t mean they don’t have vision for the future. The importance of office furniture and our industry’s impact on companies and their cultures is the basis for their ever-renewed energy and focus on their customers. John and Della both started their careers with Haworth and have owned Pear since 2002. With each of them bringing 30 plus years each on both the manufacturer and dealer worlds, John and Della are uniquely qualified to have their team perfectly positioned to deliver their customers exceptional results.

Our Showrooms

Not just our showrooms, but Pear’s take on workplace. We walked the walk and took a dose of our own medicine. Utilizing Haworth’s competing values culture survey, Pear was able to diagnose our current culture and our preferred culture. This combined with surveys on current workplace satisfaction gave us the basis to transform our company and our culture! Our offices are no longer all about furniture, they are about our team! Our showrooms enable us to show companies how we can help transform the workplace from an obligation to a destination. Our showrooms are all about helping our clients understand the art of the possible!