Designed To Work™

Pear’s Approach

As the role of office furniture has changed in enabling teams to work and for businesses to grow, so has Pear’s role changed in how we help facilitate the dialog and execution around complex office furniture projects. Our “Agile” approach brings together our team of specialists at the beginning of the project to truly collaborate with your team to develop optimal coordinated solutions.  Our team consists of ancillary, workplace, walls, glass front and project management specialists lead by our Account Manager, that work together to coordinate solutions from the project beginning through the end and into day two service plans.

Pear brings a solid understanding of the construction process from start to finish, providing valuable services including:

Design Support
Moveable Walls
Glass Office Fronts
Furniture Layout

Space Curation
Change Management
Ergonomic Evaluations
Workspace Consulting

Product Specification
Project Management

User Training

Asset Management
Inventory Management